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Sail Lake Atitlan

ViajarGuatemala is an easy, safe and comfortable way to travel and get to know the most beautiful places in Guatemala.

Guatemala offers great diversity both cultural and scenic and a good network of roads to discover it by but most visitors that come to Guatemala have to conform to closed packages offered by conventional travel agencies or by taking an adventure discovering the country by getting on public buses that defy the impenetrability of the body or by private shuttles that only offer inconvenient hours and fixed routes.

We put at your disposition the latest model van with European guides and driver that know the country and its charms that will take you where ever you want to go without limitations while enjoying maximum comfort and security.

If you are planning your vacation get in contact with us and together we will organize a customized and unforgettable trip. If you are already in Guatemala or you already have your trip organized we can transport you to any part of the country.

Each trip is a dream, big or small that becomes a reality, and each traveler a person that wants to discover more places in the world and expand their humanity and culture. We offer you the possibility to organize the trip that you desire according to your taste, character and curiosity.

The most beautiful lake in the world, a colonial city set back in time, the incredible natural pools that appear turquoise in the middle of the forest, a night in the middle of the jungle world. a local market of thousands of colors, the smile of the indigenous villages, the wonder of the Caribbean. Guatemala awaits you with alls its beauty and we will accompany you so that you will enjoy your trip to the maximum.

The driver is Ignacio Moiño from Spain that has lived in Central America for 10 years, the guide is his wife, Italian,Benedetta Lettera, that has lived in Guatemala for the last 5 years and works with the indigenous communities on Lake Atitlan where they live.

1) Custom tours in Guatemala and neighboring countries.
2) Private shuttle from and to anyplace in the country.

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